There are many heights that people want to reach, both literally and figuratively. For rock climbers, they want to reach the peak of the high summits that will give them a good view of this wonderful sight.

That and many other reasons are some of the things that attract people to mountain climbing. With the busy lifestyle of this modern world, being on a mountain peak can really help one feel closer to nature.

This can also help in refreshing the mind and the spirit. It can also challenge the body to reach its maximum potential in going through the natural mountain paths to reach the highest goal.

The Sport of Rock Climbing

Mountain climbing or mountaineering is one classic sport. For decades, this activity has been done.

It used to be just a hike in the mountains. Today, it involves different combinations of snow, ice, mountain, or rock climbing with a mixture of camping and rappelling.

No matter what the combination maybe, the one thing aimed for in this endeavor is to reach the top. All efforts and will are directed to get to the peak.

As such, many people are challenged to engage in rock climbing. They know that there is so much to the adventure that they can enjoy.

There might however be some people who still hesitate because of the fear that they may not be good enough or that they might not have the right skills to survive.

Mountaineering or rock climbing is something that can be learned and pursued by anyone interested. All that needs to be done is to give it the right amount of time, effort, and consideration.

Also, one good way to keep away the fear of some people is to make sure that all the necessary equipment and safety gear that will make the whole adventure for your plans.

Rock Climbing Equipment

Rock climbing will entail more than just walking in the woods. Thus, bringing along the right equipment will enable you to weather out any challenges along the way.

To make sure that you are properly equipped as you go on rock climbing, here are some tips to keep in mind.

1. Rope

The rope is important in rock climbing. This is one item that you can’t miss on your equipment list. This serves as a security from the possibility of falling. Make sure you have one.

When buying the rope for rock climbing, it is best to choose the ones that have a diameter of ten to eleven millimeters. It should also be 50 to 60 meters long.

2. Harness

The harness is what you wear to keep you tied to the rope. This is the ones that you wear around your body and is attached to the rope and it will keep you from falling when you climb on the rocks.

Make sure that your harness fits your body properly. It must be comfortable enough in your waist and thigh areas.

3. Chalk and Chalk Bag

The chalk is what you use to keep your hands capable of gripping firmly on the rocks or rope. This is rubbed on the hands to minimize the damp. It comes in ball form or powdered type.

The chalk bag must be attached to your harness so that you can easily access it when the need arises. These two items can be easily bought at any sports shop or specialty store.

4. Climbing Shoes

When you are out rock climbing, you can’t depend on the ordinary rubber shoes or boots. You need the ones made especially for rock climbing. They must fit you just right, snug but comfortable enough to let you move.

5. Helmet

Helmet is one important item in rock climbing as it protects the head from any falling debris, especially the ones that fall off because of people climbing ahead of you.

It also helps avoid unnecessary bruising and bumps that you might get when you bump against a wall or rock.


Rock climbing will be both safe and fun if you have the right equipment. Just keep in mind these points and you will surely learn how to enjoy this experience to the best you can.

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