The basics of garden design include the construction of a planned landscape. But do you know what the basic elements are that you should consider when making the landscaping for your house? The following will give you an idea of what you need to choose.

One of the most basic elements of a garden is the planting. It should be evenly distributed and it should be according to the season. You can make your own plan or you can use a general design provided by a landscaper. You should choose the planting based on the season.

Aside from the planting, another aspect to consider is the free space. A garden that does not have sufficient space may seem uninviting and it may not attract the guests. When planning, make sure that there is enough free space in between the plants to allow air circulation.

Trees are considered as an element of a garden. They provide shade makes the plants grow. If you want to plant trees, take into consideration that they should be at least four to six feet tall in order to avoid being cut down.

A water feature is also a popular option for landscaping. It brings life to the landscape by giving the plants some shade and it will also help you to be more creative with the materials that you are using. Depending on the design that you choose, the water feature could be installed in different places such as on the patio, backyard, balcony, or even along the walkway.

Landscaping includes the plants that you need to use. They should be arranged properly. There are plants that need a very specific climate to survive. If you choose the wrong plants, they may not thrive.

The landscaping should be arranged so that the right plants will grow together and at the same time they should have enough water. This is important especially if you are using artificial plantings or indoor plants. You should never plant them outdoors, that might be damaged by the harsh weather.

Landscaping should always be done around the area that you live in. If you live in a bigger area, you should get the ideas of landscaping that will fit the size of your house. Landscaping should be able to complement the house. To make the garden look more appealing, it should be properly designed.

Lighting is also an important part of garden design. It can be used in many ways. By using proper lighting and the right angles, you can improve the look of the garden and make it more comfortable to the eyes.

Landscape is used in different ways. The beauty of a garden can be enhanced with it. This is why the design should be well thought of. You can start with the landscaping and eventually transform the entire property.

Once you know what elements you need to consider, you can make the landscaping of your house or property more beautiful and organized. You should consider what you can add and what you can get in a professional designer.

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