It’s back to school time again. Does the thought of having to get everyone organized and out the door make you want to send for boarding school brochures? Here are a few tips to help get through that back to school daze.

Making Merry Mornings:

The biggest cause of whining and tantrums in the morning is a sleepy child trying to make a decision. Eliminate the choices along with the grumpiness.

Layout clothes the night before. This simple action can prevent wasting time looking for a missing shoe or favorite pants that are still in the dryer.

Pack a lunch or put out lunch money the night before.

If family members share a bathroom in the morning, work out a schedule, and have them stick to it.

A good night’s sleep is essential to reducing some of the morning moodiness. Keep a regular bedtime – both parents and children.

Staying Cool At School:

New situations can make children anxious and uncomfortable. Knowing what to expect on the first day can ease some of the anxiety.

If the child is going to a new school, attend the orientation session, or arrange for a tour of the school. Navigating around a new place can be scary for a child.

Suggest to the youngster to call friends to find out if they share any classes. What a comfort to have a friend to sit next to in class or in the cafeteria.

Buy only 1-2 new outfits before school starts. Usually, it is still warm when school starts so children can wear last spring’s clothes, plus this gives the child time to see what is “in” this year before buying.

Effortless Evenings:

Homework, clubs, sports…Organization is key to keeping track of what’s happening and when.

Create a special spot for homework. Setting one location for studying can help with concentration as well as minimize the chance of a book being misplaced.

Have a system for the student to keep track of all assignments and upcoming tests. This system can be as simple as a small notebook where homework for all classes is written down.

Start a family calendar to keep track of PTA meetings, school parties, extracurricular activities, etc.

A daily family ritual can give the child (and parents) something to look forward to. Ideas are a card game after dinner, a walk in the park, or a crafts project.

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