Facebook ads, and the people running them, have a very clear objective. So clear, in fact, that they publish it on their home page. The objective? To “increase the number of fans on your page.”

So we all know that the whole goal of Facebook is to “get as many people to view our site as possible.” That being said, Facebook is so big now that it’s actually a problem. Even if you get to thousands of people per day, that doesn’t mean much when it comes to generating revenue. If you get thousands per day, then the site will become even bigger, and thus, harder to monetize.

What the Facebook ads do however is get the traffic to your website. At least, they make you get it. The reason for this is that they send an email asking the person clicking through to click through to your website.

This is how Facebook works. Facebook’s people will send you emails asking you to promote their site. What do you have to do? Well, you click on the link, and that sends you to their page.

But this isn’t all that Facebook is doing. They also monitor the activities of the people who click through from the ads they place. That way, if they think that the person is spamming their ad, they can block them and not allow the ad to be posted again.

This leads to one question though: why is Facebook doing this? Well, it’s actually not just to make money off of people that click their ads. Yes, they do that, but what they are really after is for you to be able to build a fan base and stay in touch with your customers.

As the number of fans grows, you gain more followers. From those followers, you can send your friends, and followers, ads. This way, when they find something you want them to find, they will be more likely to sign up for your newsletter or join your forum.

Another benefit of Facebook ads is that you will often find a “friend request” links within the ads themselves. This allows you to direct those people to your fan page to get more people to see your product.

You will also often find links to products that you have developed. If they like your product, they will most likely want to learn more about it, and then purchase it.

If you want to do this yourself, Facebook offers tutorials to help you create your own ads. All you have to do is sign up, and you’ll be creating ads to increase your sales in no time.

All this does is help people like you to spread the word about your product. And since the people on Facebook are genuinely interested in what you have to offer, they will follow your link to your page. They will see the links and click on them.

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