Have you seen a perfume that looks so unique in style and scent? Heard about Silver Rain? Well, that’s the name! Silver Rain perfume is said to be one of the best-designed fragrances on earth not only for its elegant packaging style but most for its scent.

The Silver Rain perfume is manufactured by the design house of La Prairie. La Prairie is a Switzerland-based company that started as part of a clinic that has pioneered in anti-aging cellular therapy. It switched its interest to beauty care, particularly in skincare, and the company then started to produce items that are essential to the vitality and appearance of the skin. One of the best lines that the company has created for the people’s advantage is the line of Silver Rain perfume.

The Silver Rain perfume was designed out of this concept:

On alpine glaciers at the top of the world, the purest rain on earth is transformed into brilliant silver ice crystals, as dazzling as captured sunlight. In the spring, a thousand feet below, rare botanical bloom in alpines meadows, watered by this remarkable silver. (La Prairie)

From such a concept, the Silver Rain perfumes were made and packaged in a way that they look like a silver raindrop. Just imagine the form of a raindrop and associate Silver Rain with that form. Isn’t it great? Well, it is!

The Silver Rain perfume now comes in variety. One of the recently formulated is the Silver Rain Shimmer Mist. This product is currently included in the line of La Prairie’s latest. It is highly valued for its shade of lavender that is presented with an ethereal silver shimmer. It is also made from a combination of fruity green apple and crushed coriander with notes of agarwood, musk, and vanilla. It is this combination actually that makes the Silver Rain Shimmer Mist truly rich in floral heart scent that is long-lasting. Since it is created with a silver shimmer, it does offer a discreet shimmer glaze to the skin.

There is also the Siler Rains Cachette line of Limited Edition perfume designed by the renowned French silversmith Christofle. This Silver Rain perfume comes in the form of a Sterling silver raindrop, making it one of the finely handcrafted pieces of art. This Silver Rain perfume now comes in three unique individual scents, including Silver Rain, Silver Spice, and Silver Sensuality.

La Prairie also had produced the Silver Rain Eau de Parfum Spray which is designed and formulated from a blend of green apple, verbena flower, calabrain, bergamot, crushed coriander, and anise. According to some reviews, this product comes with heart notes of dewfruit berry, plum, gardenia, tuberose blossom, and crystallized sugar accord. This Silver Rain perfume even has noted of sandalwood, rare agarwood, tonka bean, and vanilla.

Note that almost all the Silver Rain perfumes capture the perfect shape of the raindrop, and it is this image that actually sets Silver Rain unique from the others.

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