In addition to protecting your credit rating, it is also important to protect the physical credit card itself. Having the card in your possession is not enough, as people can write down the number on the card and use it to make fraudulent purchases. Identity theft has become a problem that costs consumers and companies billions of dollars each year.

Even if fraud, banks, and credit card companies have never directly affected you will pass down the costs of fraud to consumers. An example of this is the foreign currency transaction fees that you will have to pay when you use your credit card in foreign countries. When you look at it like this, credit card fraud has an effect on virtually everyone. There are a number of things you can do to make sure your card and the numbers on it are protected at all times.

Never provide your credit card number over the phone to someone you didn’t initiate the call with. You should make sure you know whom you are talking to before you give them your credit card number. Even if the person says they are affiliated with a well-known company, if you didn’t call them, don’t give them your credit card number until you’re sure. If you mistakenly give them your information, immediately call your credit card company and cancel the card.

You also want to avoid using websites that you’re not familiar with. Since the rise of the internet, fraud has become rampant, and many people have become the victims of identity theft. When you make a purchase at a website, make sure they have security statements. In addition to this, look for a small yellow lock that is closed. It will be located on the bottom right side of the screen. If possible, only carry one credit card at a time. People who carry around multiple cards are likely to lose them. Once you lose your card, the chances of you becoming a victim of fraud dramatically increase.

Always look at your monthly credit card statement to make sure there are no unauthorized charges. If you see something suspicious, immediately call the credit card company. Whenever you close an account, immediately cut up the cards before discarding them. When you get a charge receipt from the store, make sure you shred it prior to throwing it away. Doing these things will help you avoid becoming the victim of fraud.

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