Most parents are always looking for new tools to help them teach their children life lessons in an informative, compassionate way. Whether it’s an everyday problem or a complex emotional issue, many parents find comfort, guidance, and inspiration in familiar stories.

For example, the story of the prodigal son helps children understand the concept of family and how their love is unlimited. The story of Joseph and his brothers helps youngsters learn not to be boastful, or to try to be their parents’ “favorite.” And the story of David and Goliath helps teach kids about how to deal with bullies, an all-too-frequent playground presence.

In general, bullies are children who suffer from low self-esteem, and who compensate for their unhappiness and lack of friends with negative and potentially abusive behavior. Fortunately, there are many things that people can do to help children build inner strength. Recognizing low self-esteem in a child is the first and most important step. Other important tips for children include:

• Believe in yourself. Have confidence that you can deal with bullies in a peaceful manner. One way to foster this idea in children is through an animated story based on the David-and-Goliath story. A new DVD, “The Roach Approach: Slingshot Slugger!,” tells the tale in a format that even the youngest viewers can understand. Through amusing antics and inevitable misfortunes, the characters impart important values of love, faith, hope, and respect.

• If a bully is in your class, try to pick a time when you ask for his or her help in doing schoolwork. Remember, most bullies don’t feel very good about themselves.

• If you are concerned about a bully at recess time at school, stay close to the teacher on yard duty.

• Inviting a bully to join a game that you and your friends are playing is a good idea.

• If the bully’s harmful behavior continues, tell your parent, teacher, principal, or another adult that you trust.

Acknowledged by the Dove Foundation for family entertainment, “The Roach Approach” series features outstanding stories, music, and animation that are sure to capture the hearts of many generations to come. “The Roach Approach: Slingshot Slugger!” has crawled onto Twentieth Century Fox DVD and VHS.

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