Affiliate Marketing MLM Combination

Affiliate marketing and MLM (otherwise known as network marketing or multi-level marketing) are considered two separate business models. But in reality, a good network marketer will use an affiliate marketing MLM combination to create other streams of income. Other than those which come from his or her particular MLM business.

On the other hand, a skilled affiliate marketer might also consider joining an MLM in order to leverage their efforts. While affiliate marketers make money each time they sell a product or service that they are promoting, an affiliate network marketer can also make money off of the products and services that their down line sells, or the others that they recruit into their business.

There are many affiliate marketing MLM programs to choose from. An MLM funded proposal is an example of this. These types of business models are designed to capture the interest of the entrepreneurial type of person; who is looking for help with starting a business from home.

Even more specifically, these folks are researching network marketing or a specific MLM company. The funded proposal is a good way to build up a contact list of people who are interested in home business or MLM businesses. These proposals offer what these types of people are looking for: training, support, help, strategies, etc.

The funded proposal can be free to join with a later option to upgrade, or it can cost a relatively small fee. Then you can choose to promote the funded proposal yourself or you can take advantage of their promotional tools which are often available at an extra charge. As others join the funded proposal under your personal link, you then get their names and contact information and can continue to keep in touch with them in order to promote other products and/or services that are related to what they are looking for or to promote your own MLM opportunity. In addition, you can earn commissions when people join you in your funded proposal. While these are generally not enough for you to make a living off of, you can funnel these profits into more advertising or other business costs.

The key to being successful with the affiliate marketing MLM combination is to build a responsive list and offer them exactly what they are looking for. If you have someone on your list that has signed up for MLM training, then you can continue to offer them products and services that are related to that.

If someone on your list has signed up for information about getting into the MLM business, you can show them why they would want to join you in your MLM and on your team. And if you are already an example of someone who is creating multiple streams of income with affiliate marketing, then you are more likely to get a “yes” from them when it comes to them joining your MLM. They can learn from you and pass this information on to their down line as well.

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